Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oriente Petrolero vs. Universidad Chile All news

Copa Sudamericana

The Copa Sudamericana, South American Cup like Uefa Cup in Europe. One lever lower then the Copa Libertadores.

Oriente Petrolero vs. Universidad Chile

Match scheduled:
Last updated: 01-09-2010 from 00:45 until 02:45
27-08-2010 on 14:00
1a. Fase / Phase 1 (Vuelta - 2nd Leg - First Match ended in 2-2) :: Copa Nissan Sudamericana 2010

Oriente Petrolero vs Universidad De Chile Match Preview

Oriente Petrolero's visit to Chilean ground only two weeks ago was less suffered than expected, as the two goals scored playing away for the Bolivian squad force Universidad to defeat Oriente on this match to obtain a ticket for the next phase. Gerardo Pelusso's Universitarios travelers' luck was adverse for the first time this year, as the team was never beaten for the last Copa Libertadores playing away. The Chilean squad is fully fit and ready for this match, except for Chile's international Eugenio Mena, called to play for Chile's National Football Team on September 7th against Ukrania. Watch out for Felype Seymour, Carlos Bueno and Edson Pouch, Universitario's offensive leaders.

Bolivia's international Joselito Vaca is one of Oriente's most dangerous players, but team's Uruguay duo Danilo Peinado and Jorge Ramirez should also be carefully guarded by the Chileans. Team's most prolific striker Alcides Peña is struggling with an injury and his presence for the match is yet unconfirmed. Without him Oriente losses a lot of firepower, and Pelusso is likely to take advantage of this factor. Team's manager Gustavo Domingo Quinteros kept his best players from performing this week at Bolivia's Clausura, for he wants to focus all the forces on this clash for America's glory. The same starting eleven that returned from Chile with one point will receive the Universitarios. Diego Terrazas, Ariel Ribera and Fernando Saucedo will play the most important of roles, by stopping Universitario's ball flow and leading the ball towards their rival's area.

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